Assisted Living Homes for Elderly in California

Assisted Living Homes In California

California is the largest U.S. state by population and offers something for everyone. Southern California is home to Disneyland, Hollywood and the beaches in Malibu boast glitz, glamor and gorgeous seascapes, while the northern part of the Golden State has the hills of San Francisco and the lush vineyards of Napa Valley. Outside California’s major metro areas, you’ll find rugged national parks, incredible skiing and peaceful, ancient northern forests.

Whether you’re looking for a loved one or yourself, Assisted living Senior Communities like choosing a Senior Independent Living Homes, Home for seniors, retirement community, Eldercare services, Memory Care Facility, Dementia Care should not come without much thought and consideration. California has excellent senior living communities and choosing the right one can be burdensome and overwhelming.

Luvdid has All listings together with a great list of the Top Assisted Living Communities in California State.

Some of these facilities are stand-alone assisted living centers while others offer a continuum of care as needs escalate. Many of the establishments have dedicated resources to seniors suffering from memory impairment and need specialized care for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are the one who is searching the best home care services for yourself or for your loved ones, there is no other better place than this. Now you can connect yourself with the Luvdid and avail all the benefits.

There are many injured, disabled and elder people around us who require assisted facilities. After reaching a certain age point, people feel helpless and required someone in their life as a helping hand who can take care in the day to day activities. If you are facing the same situation, this is a right time to connect yourself with assisting services.

California Assisted Living Facilities by City listings

Listings of Assisted living In Top Cities in California :


Listings of Assisted living In All Cities In California :

Sacramento                      |Los Angeles                         |San Francisco

San Diego                         |San Jose                              | Fresno

Clovis                                 |Oakland                               | Long Beach

Bakersfield                       |Anaheim                             | Riverside

Irvine                                 |Santa Barbara                    |Santa Rosa

Pasadena                         | Palm Springs                      | Santa Monica

Modesto                           |San Bernardino                   | Monterey

Santa Ana                        | Fremont                                |Beverly Hills

Glendale                           | Burbank                              |Santa Cruz

Huntington Beach          | Newport Beach                    |Palo Alto

Torrance                          | Santa Clara                          |Carlsbad

Temecula                         | Mountain View                    |Oceanside

Malibu                              | Sunnyvale                             | Rancho Cucamonga

San Luis Obispo             |Compton                                | Costa Mesa

Carmel-by-the-sea        |San Mateo                             | Santa Clarita

Big Bear Lake                 |Calabasas                               |Laguna Beach

Cupertino                         |  Mammoth Lakes                | Menlo Park

How to Find Best Assisted Living in your Area

You may see there are many companies help you Find the Assisted living facility for Elderly with the different brand name and trained experts, but this requires time to step up a time to talk to experts and keep searching, But choosing the best one for your loved ones or for yourself can make you confuse.

So here we have a solution for you to find best suitable care, Just to make it easy and simple for you, we brought a Senior Independent search Engine for you LUVDID.

Assisted Living Facilities total number of percentage is increasing day by day of people who are connected with the assisted living. Because it’s very important for families knowing your loved one is safe, cared for, and enjoying the best possible quality of life for seniors reducing their ill sufferings.

Choosing the best option for your loved ones can be a very important as when they shift to assisted living , we need to be sure that we made the best choice and they are in safe hands. Just to make your choice easy and trustworthy, here we have a list of homes which you can choose for your family.


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According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in California is $3,750 per month.

The monthly base rate for California assisted living is typically average when compared to neighboring states. California is also more expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in California. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

According to survey Average costs In California are

California Assisted Living Facility Costs:

The average cost of assisted living Faclity in California in 2017 is $4,050 / month.  It Varies, based area or state, the average monthly cost ranges from $1,000 to $10,700.

In the most expensive areas of the state; Marin County, which includes the San Francisco area, San Mateo, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, and Napa, the monthly cost ranges from $4,850 – $6,000.

The least expensive assisted living can be found inland, in the cities of Madera, Merced, Stockton and Modesto. In these areas, the average monthly cost is between $2,750 and  $2,975. Alzheimer’s residential care/Dementia Care, also called Memory Care, can add as much as $1,150 to the monthly cost of assisted living.

California  Personal In-Home Care Costs:

The average hourly rate for  Personal  In-Home Care across California is $23.50. As with the cost of assisted living, the average range across the state is large.

On the least, in-home care can be found at $12.50 / hour, and on the highest, in-home care can be as much as $35.50 / hour.

The least expensive areas of the state for home care are Madera, Vallejo, and Riverside where the average cost is closer to $17 / hour. In Napa, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and San Mateo, the cost is approximately $27 / hour.

California Adult Day Care Costs for Elderly:

Adult day care is the most affordable care option for Elderly Care. In 2017, the average daily cost is $79.

The Expensive range Includes In Chico, San Jose, and Santa Rosa, it is more expensive, ranging from $92 – $127 / day.

The least expensive areas of the state for adult day care are Hanford, Stockton, Vallejo, and Visalia. Here, the average cost of adult day care is $42 – $60 / day.

Several areas are slightly below the state’s average daily cost and include the following: Los Angeles, Madera, Redding, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and Santa Maria. In these areas, the average daily cost for adult day care is between $62 and $75.


Assisted Living communities, licensed as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) in California, are highly regulated with a robust body of laws and regulations designed to promote resident independence and self-direction to the greatest extent possible in a residential, nonmedical setting. The California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD)enforces these laws and regulations through the initial licensing process and periodic inspections.

RCFEs are regulated by the California Code of Regulations Title 22 , Division 6, Chapter 8. In addition, the RCFE Act establishes additional statutory requirements in many of the same areas as Title 22, and the Evaluator Manual is used for the application and enforcement of laws, policies, and procedures.

There are also new laws which are not yet reflected in the regulations. Although the state has fallen behind in updating the regulations to reflect these new laws, the statutory requirements are in effect and being enforced throughout the state.

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