Assisted Living and Cost of Senior living Communities In Texas

Assisted Living Homes In Texas – Assisted living facilities provide individualized health and personal care assistance in a homelike setting with an emphasis on personal dignity,In Home nursing care, autonomy, independence and privacy. Facilities can be large apartment-like settings or private residences. Services include meals, bathing, dressing, toileting and administering or supervising medication, considering Cost of Senior Living Communities.

Texas licenses assisted living facilities based on residents’ physical and mental ability to evacuate the facility in an emergency and whether nighttime attendance is necessary.

  • A Type A facility cares for residents who do not require routine attendance during sleeping hours and are capable of following directions in an emergency.
  • A Type B facility is for residents who require staff assistance to evacuate, are not capable of following directions in an emergency and require nighttime attendance.


Listings of Assisted living In Top Cities in Texas :

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San Antonio | Houston | Dallas | Fort Worth | Austin | Plano | McKinney | Arlington | Tyler | Corpus Christi | Sherman | Sugar Land | Katy | El Paso | Denton

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Abilene                              |Allen                             |Amarillo

Angleton                           |Arlington                    |Athens

Atlanta                              |Austin


Bay City                             |Baytown                       |Beaumont

Bedford                             |Bellaire                         |Belton

Big Spring                        |Boerne                           |Bonham

Breckenridge                  |Brenham                        |Bridgeport

Brookshire                       |Brownfield                    |Brownsville

Brownwood                     |Bryan                              |Burleson



Canton                                |Carrollton                      |Canyon

Carthage                            |Cypress                          | Cedar Hill

Cedar Park                        |Cibolo                             |Claude

Cleburne                            |Clifton                            |College Station

Colleyville                         |Columbus                      |Comanche

Conroe                               |Converse                        |Coppell

Copperas Cove                |Corinth                             |Corpus Christi

Corsicana                          |Crane                               |Crockett



Dallas                                  |Decatur                           |Del Rio

Denison                              |Denton                             |Desoto



Eastland                             |Edinburg                           |Edna

El Campo                            |Ennis                                 |El Paso


Flower Mound                   |Forney                                |Fort Stockton

Fort Worth                          |Fredericksburg                |Friendswood

Frisco                                    |Farmersville                  |Farmers Branch


Gainesville                          |Galveston                         |Garden Ridge

Garland                                 |Gatesville                        |Georgetown

Gilmer                                   |Goldthwaite                    |Graham

Granbury                              |Grand Prairie                   | Grapevine

Greenville                             |Gun Barrel City


Houston                                 |Halmilton                          |Harlingen

Haskell                                   |Hawkins                            |Henderson

Hewitt                                     |Hico                                   |Highland village

Hillsboro                                |Humble                              |Hunt





Jacksboro                             |Jefferson                                |Jourdanton


Katy                                         |Killeen


Laredo                                    |Lewisville


Mesquite                                |McKinney


New Braunfels                     |Nacogdoches




Pearland                                 | Plano


Quitman                                  |Quinlan


Richardson                             |Round rock


San Antonio                           |South Padre Island                       |San Marcos

Sugar Land


Texas City                                  |Texarkana




Victoria                                       |Vernon


Wichita Falls                             |Waco                                                  |Whitney



More Information on Assisted Living Facilities In Texas:

The Assisted Living Facility Information brochure explains the variety of assisted living facilities available in Texas, who they care for, and the services they provide. Assisted living facilities are regulated under Health and Safety Code, Chapter 247 and Texas Administrative Code(TAC), Title 40, Part I, Chapter 92.

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Cost of Senior living Communities in Texas:

According to the 2012 Senior Living Costs Survey, the median monthly cost to live in an assisted living one bedroom apartment in Texas is $3,189.

The areas of Texas with the most expensive assisted living include Amarillo, Austin, Odessa, Victoria and San Antonio, where the monthly cost averages between $4,000 – $4,600. For average Americans, assisted living fees are most frequently paid out-of-pocket.

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Find Average Cost for Assisted Living by State.

Laws and Regulations for Assisted Living In Texas:

Searching for assisted living can feel stressful and overwhelming. To help consumers navigate the maze of senior care options, many state regulatory agencies offer public access to the background records of communities. However, how to access these records depends on the state where the community is located. Learn more about the accessibility and transparency of assisted living records in Texas.

Public Records and License Status:

Texas has high transparency into assisted living records and is one of the only states to give quality rankings to assisted living communities. The Texas state website provides three years of substantiated complaints as well as specific information from inspections over the past year.

To access assisted living records, visit the Texas DADS website and enter the zip code of the community you are researching. View the results for both type A and type B assisted living communities unless you already know the licensing type of the community you are researching. In Texas, type B assisted living communities are licensed to offer care for seniors with memory loss or limited mobility.

Violations and Resident Protection :

Texas provides an updated and accurate list of licensed assisted living communities in a searchable form online. In the same online location, they offer searchable and current information on any violations, inspections, complaints and survey results.

While Texas does not provide information about special licensing for care or price of care, they do show capacity information, contact information and payment methods.

Texas conducts inspections every 24 months and can fine facilities for violations.

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